Today I got 157 messages 3/4 of them were saying how I should die in an airplane crash or how they wished for my family death.

FUCK YOU, I already desactivate my twitter account, I will do the same here on I saved everyone I follow on another blog.

I’m a TaeYeon hater? Really? Then why I’m part of one of her korean fansites and why half of my sones friends are Taeyeon ksones fans? Why my clostest unnie is a Taeyeon fan? Why Merong got me tickets for 2 concerts if I hate her bias? Why I have 2 kkt chatrooms one with 12 person and one with 15 persons only for Taeyeon chitchat?

Just because I don’t spazz about Taeyeon all day, doesn’t mean I hate her. I don’t spazz on SeoHyun neither.

So please please please I beg you stop asking for my mother or father death, we already lose 2 persons in 2 days, so stop saying my mother should die because I don’t treat Taeyeon like a Goddness or something like this.

Wish for my death if you wants but stop involving my family in your wish of death.

I don’t usually promote tumblr blogs, but if you want to learn Korean, you should follow

It’s one of my friend tumblr, right now she is topik level 3/4 and she doing this blof from the very first lesson of topik level 1 and will post every stuffs she learned.

She wants to use this tumblr as a revision tumblr, so you might tag along and learn with her :).

[Fanacc] 3rd Japan tour in Yoyogi Day2 140712


- During Europa, Tiffany high fived Jessica, then made bbuing faces with Sunny XD (cre: RedSunsetXIII)

- JETI lol why do you guys always have private conversations during the later talk parts lol (cre: minjoo)

- Then JeTi touches hands for a while but they just pass each other then Tiffany…

Another Jeti day?